Everybody wants great skin, and if yours has been feeling and looking less-than-perfect lately, let 2017 be the year in which you make some changes. From an effective and efficient skin care routine to tips on key products and ingredients, this is your ultimate guide to all things skin care.

Skin Care Routine 101
Everybody’s skin is different, so while you do need to tailor your routine to your skin’s exact needs, there are some basic steps that everybody should be following, no matter what your skin type may be. To begin with, your skin needs to be cleansed, as this clears away dirt and dead skin cells, allowing subsequent products to thoroughly penetrate your skin’s layers. Next up is a serum, which, although not essential, would definitely benefit just about everyone. An eye cream follows this, and then a layer of moisturizer, after which comes sunscreen if you are following this routine in the morning. There are many other elements that you can add into your skin care routine, from toners to facial, but those can be experimented with once you have these steps well-established. Do not forget that you also need to exfoliate your face two to three times a week, and a weekly facial mask would not go amiss either.

The Many Forms of Exfoliation
Exfoliation is key when it comes to maintaining healthy skin, but once you start delving deep into the world of exfoliation, and all of its many forms, the topic can often seem quite confusing. Scrubs are usually the most common method of exfoliating, and these suit all skin types apart from very dry, but avoid scrubs that contain fruit seeds or nut shells, as these are just too abrasive and will damage your skin. Dry brushing is another method that works for all skin types, and also boosts the circulation. If you are looking for a deeper form of exfoliation, alpha hydroxy acids will do the job, as these dissolve the glue-like substance that holds dead skin cells to the surface of the skin.

Ingredients to Invest In
While ingredients used should vary depending on skin type and need, there are certain ingredients out there that everybody should be using. Retinol is the first, as this potent vitamin A derivative is known for being the most powerful anti-aging ingredient available, and you should really be using it from as early on as possible. Vitamin C is another effective antioxidant, as is vitamin E, so try to find a serum or moisturizer that contains both of these. When it comes to hydration, hyaluronic acid suits every skin type, and has the potential to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, while shea butter is gentle and natural, making it the perfect base for a rich moisturizer.

A Healthy Lifestyle
When it comes to giving your skin the best, it is often all-too-easy to focus on products and ingredients, forgetting about the many other factors that contribute to skin health. From diet to exercise to stress levels, there are so many different parts of your life that have an impact on your skin, so try to take a few steps to establish healthier habits in the various areas of your life.

While you may already know that your skin deserves the best, it can sometimes be difficult working out exactly what this entails. By following this guide, you will be providing your skin with the highest level of care, and will no doubt soon be rewarded with a healthy, radiant, and beautifully natural, glow.