Now that the chilly months of winter are drawing to a close, it is time to begin looking ahead to ensure that you are able to give your skin all that it needs through this seasonal transition. No matter what your skin type may be, here are some must-try skin care tips for spring.

Multi-masking is a relatively new trend that makes use of several face masks at once. This means that you are able to use specific masks to target specific areas of your face, such as a hydrating mask for dry cheeks along with an oil-banishing mask for an oily forehead. The beauty of multi-masking is that you can perfectly tailor your treatment to the needs of your skin, giving you so many more benefits than if you were to just use a single mask.

Allow Your Skin to Breathe
The winter months are drying, which is why an emphasis is usually placed on thick, rich creams that are able to instantly hydrate the skin. However, these creams are far too thick to use in the spring, when humidity in the air is rising, as they will block up the pores and lead to breakouts. Opt for lighter alternatives instead, and try to keep makeup to a minimum whenever possible, using tinted moisturizers or BB creams instead of heavier foundations.

Woman exercising

Regular Exercise
Regular exercise can help with so many different issues, and this includes several that are related to the skin. Whether the winter months have made your skin look dull or stressed, upping the amount of exercise that you do can really make a huge difference. Not only does exercise encourage the body to detox, but it also boosts blood flow, which therefore keeps the skin supplied with nutrients, improving skin tone and texture. The endorphins that are released into the body during exercise have also been proven to help reduce stress levels, which in itself can really help with many skin conditions, as these are often severely exacerbated by stress.

Spring Cleaning
While you may be spring cleaning your home, you need to also turn your attention to your skin care products, and give them a spring clean too. It is all-too-easy to accumulate several different products over the years, but if these are older than their expiry date, they are not going to be doing your skin any favors. You should also take a look at the ingredients in each of your skin care products, throwing out any that contain harsh, harmful chemicals.

Woman sleeping

A Regular Sleep Cycle
While you are asleep, your skin works hard to heal and regenerate, meaning that if you are not getting enough sleep, your skin is going to suffer. From dark circles to a dull complexion, these issues can easily be avoided by ensuring that you are sleeping for around eight hours each night.

Spring signifies new beginnings and fresh starts, making this the ideal time to give your skin a big boost. From treating it with multiple face masks each week to allowing it to reap the benefits of regular exercise, these tips will have your skin beautifully glowing in no time at all.