The food that you eat has a direct impact on the health of your skin, and while there may be a few benefits to eating meat and fish, a vegetarian diet can actually bring about some significant improvements to your skin. From a smoother complexion to a reduced rate of aging, these are just a few of the ways in which going vegetarian can benefit your skin.

Slows Down Aging
Aging is something that just about everybody dreads, but there are studies out there that suggest that a vegetarian diet could actually slow down the overall aging process. Vegetarian diets tend to be much higher in antioxidants when compared to diets that are high in meat, and these antioxidants are key when it comes to aging. Not only do they protect skin cells from damage, whether this may be from the sun or from lifestyle choices, such as smoking, but they also speed up cell turnover and really nourish skin cells, resulting in healthy, younger-looking skin.

Minimizes Acne
Acne is caused by several different factors, and the food that you eat is one of these. Certain meats, such as beef and pork, increase the body’s insulin levels, which then causes inflammation that can quickly lead to acne. Meats also produce acid within the body, which increases the body’s pH level and once again leads to inflammation. By cutting meat out of your diet, you may be able to reduce the amount of acne breakouts that you experience, and these results would be even greater if you were able to cut out dairy too.

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Hydrated and Supple Skin
Meats contain high levels of saturated fats, whereas vegetables and vegetable products, such as avocados and olive oil, are packed with healthy, unsaturated fats. These fatty acids bring so many incredible benefits to your skin, as well as your hair, and will leave your skin feeling wonderfully hydrated, while keeping your skin cell membranes supple yet strong at the same time.

The Best Vegetarian Foods
While just about any fresh, plant-based food will likely have some fantastic skin-boosting benefits, there are some that are better than others when it comes to the skin. Sweet potatoes are one of these, as they contain beta-carotene, which is a potent antioxidant that is fantastic for the skin. Berries are also packed with high levels of vitamins and antioxidants, while nuts, especially almonds, are full of vitamin E and other minerals that benefit skin health, including zinc, copper, magnesium and iron.

When it comes down to it, there is no denying that a vegetarian diet can really improve the health of your skin. However, this is also due to the fact that vegetarians consume large amounts of plant-based products, which can be done by a meat-eater too. This means that you do not need to completely cut meat out of your life if you are looking to boost the health of your skin, and can instead just reduce the amount that you consume, swapping this out for fresh fruits and vegetables instead.