Psychodermatology is a newly emerging field, one that OROGOLD is extremely excited about, and makes the connection between the health of your skin and your mental health. Rather than focussing on the more traditional methods to help eliminate skin conditions, such as acne or psoriasis, psychodermatology suggests that, instead, you can use your mind to rid yourself of those unwanted conditions.

Woman visiting a dermatologist for a check-up.

How Does Psychodermatology Work?
Psychodermatology sessions are carried out by doctors who are qualified in both dermatology as well as psychiatry. Usually, patients who are experiencing a skin problem are also experiencing either excess stress, sleep deprivation, or anything else that affects the mental state of a person. Although the doctors can prescribe medication for conditions, they also spend an allotted time with each patient, trying to get to the bottom of exactly which mental issue is causing the skin condition. Stress is usually the number one cause for unhealthy skin, and, with three out of four doctors visits in the US being due to stress related illnesses, it would seem as though many people would be able to benefit from psychodermatology.

Woman exercising in the park.

Can a Lifestyle Change Really Affect the Skin?
Although eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep each night are the basic foundations for a healthy lifestyle, many people are still doubtful about whether or not changes in these factors can affect the skin. However, it has been proven in different scientific studies that these lifestyle factors do in fact influence the health of the skin. Furthermore, going to therapy for your skin will force you to confront any lifestyle issues head on, making it imperative for you to deal with them as soon as possible, rather than putting them off. When patients visit a psychodermatologist, they usually witness an improvement in their skin’s health in just a few weeks.

Dermatologist talking to a woman while examining her skin.

Try Psychodermatology at Home
Since psychodermatology is still a relatively new field, there aren’t that many practitioners that currently offer these skin therapy sessions. However, there are ways in which you can replicate this at home, and OROGOLD highly recommends that you do so. To begin with, you must simplify your skin care routine, as well as your lifestyle habits, doing things such as cutting out caffeine before bed, keeping your bedroom dark and quiet, and changing your pillowcases more often, ridding them of acne-causing bacteria. You must then set aside time specifically for relaxing and doing activities that are solely for your own personal benefit. Spending 20 minutes a day outside is also necessary, as is eating a clean diet, with as few refined and processed foods as possible. 30 minutes of exercise a day has been proven to reverse cellular aging, so OROGOLD highly recommends that you schedule time for this, as well as for fostering new friendships, as this has been proven to lower stress levels. Finally, ensure that you are getting sufficient sleep each night and take some time to learn how to meditate.

Dermatologist examining the skin of an old woman.

If you are trying psychodermatology at home, it is important to take the time each week to reflect upon your new practices, reviewing which ones seem to be working well and which ones you could be putting more effort into. Sleep deprivation is usually the leading cause of stress-related conditions, so make sure that you are getting enough hours of deep sleep each night. Although psychodermatology may be a new field, OROGOLD believes that it will only become more popular with time, and that it holds great promise when it comes to improving the health of our skin.