The use of rose water in cosmetics dates all the way back to ancient Egypt, when Cleopatra would use this gentle, natural ingredient in her own personal skin care regime. Extremely effective and conveniently versatile, rose water, which is created by steam distilling rose petals, brings a variety of fantastic benefits to your skin, and can be used in a number of different ways.

With so many natural anti-inflammatory properties, rose water is ideal for those that suffer from redness, or any other irritated skin conditions. Whether you frequently wake up with puffy eyes in the morning, or are looking for a way to calm your rosacea, rose water will be able to help.

The anti-bacterial properties that rose water possesses help to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin. This is especially useful for those that suffer from frequent breakouts or acne, as it will not only eradicate the bacteria, but also clear any excess oil from the skin.

Vitamins and Antioxidants
Rose water contains a number of different vitamins and antioxidants, each bringing some great benefits to the skin. In particular, the vitamins A and C that can be found in rose water work together to hydrate dry skin, while also helping to repair any sun damage that has been caused.

While rose water is not effective as a complete substitute for anti-aging creams, it will definitely help to boost your anti-aging quest. Rose water has the ability to stimulate the process of skin cell regeneration, and also helps to strengthen each cell, which is something that is needed as the skin ages.

How to Use Rose Water
Rose water can be purchased easily from cosmetic and health stores, and can be used in a number of different ways. The most popular way to use rose water is as a toner, spritzing it onto your face after cleansing, so that it can naturally restore your skin’s pH balance, which is usually disrupted by a cleanser. Due to its astringent-like properties, rose water can also be used as a cleanser itself, and, when soaked into a cotton pad and applied to the eyes for a few minutes, will quickly relieve any puffiness and dark circles. Rose water can also be spritzed onto your face during the day to refresh your makeup, and can be gently applied to the skin if you are suffering from sunburn. Applying rose water after a steaming session is especially beneficial, as it will clean your pores and tighten your capillaries, leaving you with a much fresher and brighter appearance.

When purchasing rose water to use on your skin, make sure that your chosen product is pure rose water, rather than water that has been scented with a rose essence, as the latter will not bring the same benefits to your skin. Rose water is an ingredient that is gentle enough to be used on all skin types, which is quite rare in the cosmetics industry, and you are likely to see improvements in your skin soon after you begin to use it regularly.