Nobody wants to be spending hours on their beauty routine in the summer, but your skin still needs a certain amount of care. From a cleanser to a light lotion, this is all that you need for a basic beauty routine this season.

A cleanser should always be the first step to any beauty routine, as you need a clean and fresh face to work on. Your skin naturally produces more oil in the summer, meaning that your gentle winter cleanser is not likely to be able to cut it. If you have been noticing excess amounts of oil on your face, a foaming cleanser will take care of this, although those with dry or sensitive skin should opt for a balm or cream-based cleanser instead.

A toner is not a strictly necessary part of any skin care routine, but they do have a few benefits. Not only do they clear away any particles that your cleanser may have missed, but they will also rebalance your skin’s pH level, which your cleanser would likely have disrupted.

Serums are incredible products, as they contain potent active ingredients in a lightweight formula, meaning that the ingredients are able to quickly and effectively penetrate your skin’s layers. Serums are available to target a wide range of skin care concerns, so look for one that addresses the skin issues that you may have, whether this may be wrinkles and fine lines or a rough and dull complexion.

Eye Cream
No matter what age you may currently be, an eye cream is still going to be extremely beneficial. For those who do not yet have any fine lines around their eyes, an eye cream is one of your best forms of prevention, and will also brighten up the skin around your eyes, which will add to an overall radiant complexion. For those who do have crow’s feet and other pesky eye wrinkles, look for an eye cream that contains retinol, as this is known for being the most powerful anti-aging ingredient out there. However, retinol can sometimes cause sun sensitivity, so it is best used in the evenings.

While you may have used a thick and rich moisturizer throughout the winter, this will only clog up your pores in the humidity of the summer months. To prevent this from happening, a lighter lotion is usually best, and can be applied frequently throughout the day if your skin needs the extra nourishment.

Sun Protection
Sun protection is vital throughout the year, but especially so in the summer months, mostly because people tend to spend more time outdoors. Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least SPF 30, opting for a mineral, rather than a chemical, sunscreen if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Once you have followed all of these skin care steps, you can then move on to applying your makeup. Since your skin will have been perfectly prepared beforehand, you will notice that your makeup is easier than usual to apply, and will also last for much longer.