Woman tries to choose the right gold jewelry

Because each OROGOLD product contains flakes of gold, we thought it would fit to talk about something else that contains a lot of gold— jewelry. Picking out jewelry can be a daunting task; some jewelry can make you sparkle and shine while others can make you look seemingly dull or gaudy. Something many of us do not take in to account is the effects gold can have on us based on our skin tone and undertones.

There are two main categories that skin tones fall into—warm and cool. Very rarely, some people have neutral skin tones that are balanced between the two. However, most people lean one way or another, though cool undertones are a bit more common.

To begin determining what skin tone you are, start by looking at your veins. Cool-toned people will have blue or almost purple looking veins, especially by the wrists. Many people with darker skin tend to be cool-toned, contrary to popular belief. Warm-toned people have green-tinted veins because the yellow undertones of their skin make the blue vein appear green. Warm-toned people are sometimes described as having olive skin, as well.

Next, your natural features can also help determine your skin tone. People with a warm skin tone tend to have brown, green, or hazel eyes and strawberry blond, red, brown, or black hair. Especially if you have ever bleached your hair and had it turn out yellow or orange in color, you most likely have a warm skin tone. Conversely, cool skin-tones tend to be defined by blue, gray or green eyes with blond, brown, or black hair that has blue, violet, or silver undertones.

Another way to double-check your skin tone is to consider the sun’s effects on your skin tone. If you tan easily and turn a golden-brown color, you most likely have warm undertones, as opposed to those with cool undertones that will burn or turn pink before tanning.

Each skin tone can be accentuated with the right type of jewelry. Cool skin tones look best with jewelry that is made of a similar toned metal. Therefore, white gold is the best choice for flattering jewelry. Warm skin tones correspondingly favor yellow gold. Rose gold is a bit trickier. Rose gold typically looks good on skin types at the extreme end of either spectrum. Cool skin tones will seemingly glow when they are contrasting the pinkish hues of rose gold. Warm skin tones, especially those with a darker skin color, will also exhibit rich, deep color when contrasting rose gold.

Your skin tone should only serve as a simple guide to what jewelry might look best on you. In the end, the most important thing is that you love how your jewelry looks and that it gives you that extra boost of confidence, regardless of your skin tone. No matter what, you will look your best if you love what you are wearing.