While you may think that your home is squeaky clean, there are many spots around the house that people tend to miss when they are cleaning. To ensure that your home really is germ-free, make sure that your cleaning routine includes all of these following areas.

Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets
Your kitchen and bathroom cabinets are a place where dust and bacteria can quickly collect, but people often forget to give these a quick clean. All you need to do is wipe down the outsides of your cabinets with a disinfectant wipe, ensuring that you are able to get into any grooves that the cabinet design may feature. This does not need to be done on a daily basis, and just giving them a quick wipe down once a month should suffice.

Doorknobs and Light Switches
The doorknobs and light switches in your home likely get touched each and every day, making it important to give these a clean, at least once every two weeks. Make sure that you clean within any grooves that they may have, so that you remove every trace of bacteria.

Woman vacuuming pillow

While you may be religious about changing your pillowcases every few days, do not forget about cleaning your actual pillows too. This only needs to be done every three to six months, and the majority of pillows can be placed into the washing machine, making this quite an easy task.

Toothbrush Holders
Toothbrush holders can be quite the breeding ground for bacteria, mildew and mold, so you really do need to stay on top of keeping this clean. Your toothbrush holder should be cleaned just as often as your bathroom counter-tops are, although preferably more during flu season.

Garbage Cans
Even if you use a strong bag, it goes without saying that your garbage can will still be one of the dirtiest places in your house. While you may be used to giving the outside of your garbage can a quick wipe every once in a while, do not forget to clean the inside too. Use a disinfectant to do this, and be sure not to forget about the inside of the lid as well.

While you may regularly dust the shelves that your books sit on, it is likely that you do not give your actual books this same attention. When left untouched for years, paper can deteriorate at quite a quick rate, meaning that, if you want your books to stay in good condition, they need to be dusted and cleaned at least once a year.

Woman wiping laptop screen

Whether it may be your laptop keyboard or your television remote control, these items tend to be used on a daily basis, by everyone in the house, leading to quite the build-up of germs. There are special wipes that you can purchase to clean these, and they will not cause any damage to the items, allowing you to give them a good scrub.

It goes without saying that keeping your home clean is so important, but there are often areas that end up being neglected. From the inside of your garbage can to your television remote control, make sure that these germ-loving spots are regularly kept clean.