While a killer pair of heels may boost your confidence and make you feel sexier, the foot pain that often comes from wearing these is definitely no fun. To keep your feet healthy and happy, even while wearing heels, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Foot Pain from High Heels
Foot pain can be caused by a number of different factors, but, if you have been wearing a pair of high heels, it is quite likely to be due to this. High heels alter the body’s posture, resulting in an increase in pressure on the foot, ankle and knees. For some people, the pain tends to be localized to a pressure spot, while others experience it throughout their whole foot. The symptoms do vary depending on the structure of your shoes, as well as the length of time you were wearing them for, but, generally, the higher and thinner the hell, the more severe your foot pain will be.

Choosing the Right Shoes
Shoe sizes vary between brands, making it important that you always try on a new pair of shoes before purchasing them, and practice walking around in them a bit. If your foot slides forward, this means that the shoe is too large, and will put too much pressure on your toes. If the shoes are too tight, this will squash your toes and lead to blisters, which is why the perfect fit is always vital. When it comes to the way in which the actual heel is made, thicker heels are always going to be better than thinner heels, while a rounder toe will put less pressure on your toes than a pointed toe.

Woman taking off yellow heels

Add in Some Cushioning
Cushioned insoles can really make a huge difference when it comes to foot pain from wearing heels, as they provide some shock absorption, while distributing your weight more evenly, meaning that less pressure is placed onto your feet. In addition to insoles, you could also look into cushions for the ball of your foot, which not only stops your foot from slipping forwards, but also provides cushioning at the part of your foot that receives the most pressure.

A Foot Soak
If you are experiencing quite a bit of foot pain, a foot soak in some Epsom salts can really help. Rather than being a salt, Epsom salts are actually a natural mineral that are made from magnesium and sulfate, and can be easily absorbed by the skin. Since magnesium is so important when it comes to healing the body and repairing tissue, this is a great way to give your feet a little boost. The warm water is also beneficial, as this causes your blood vessels to dilate, and your pores to open.

While you may need to wear high heels quite often, it is always a good idea to swap these out for flats whenever you can, as this will give your feet a break. Nevertheless, by caring for your feet in the right way, you will no doubt soon be able to really strut your stuff in confidence when you are wearing your favorite pair of heels.