Here at OROGOLD, we believe that you and your skin deserve to be pampered, and our new OROGOLD Box is designed to do exactly that. Simple and convenient, this is the best way to try a wide range of different OROGOLD products all the way through the year.

What is the OROGOLD Box?
The OROGOLD Box is a skin care gift package that you can subscribe to. Each box contains three luxury sized OROGOLD products, which have been chosen and put together by OROGOLD’s skin care experts. These samples will be picked from our different OROGOLD skin care collections, ensuring that you are able to try the very best of what OROGOLD has to offer. You will not know which products you will be receiving until your box arrives, giving you a delightful skin care surprise every three months.

How Often Will I Receive the OROGOLD Box?
The OROGOLD Box is mailed out four times a year, which means that you will receive one every three months. These boxes will be mailed directly to your door, offering you the ultimate in luxury convenience.

How Much Does the OROGOLD Box Cost?
An annual subscription to the OROGOLD Box costs $192 a year. However, the products that you will be receiving will have a total value of over $300 a year, making the OROGOLD Box great value for money.

How Do I Subscribe to the OROGOLD Box?
It is extremely easy to subscribe to the OROGOLD Box. Simply sign up on the OROGOLD website for the annual subscription, and your first box will be mailed to you immediately.

Other Benefits
In addition to receiving your three OROGOLD products in each box, you will also have access to exclusive member discounts on our full-sized products, making it worthwhile for you to purchase the larger size if you fall in love with one of our samples.

The OROGOLD Box is something that we have been extremely excited to introduce, and we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it as well. Once you have received your very first OROGOLD Box, we would love for you to share your thoughts on it on social media, using the hashtag #OROGOLDBOX. Don’t forget, the OROGOLD Box also makes a fantastic gift for a loved one, and with Christmas coming up, this is the perfect opportunity to treat someone to some luxury skin care pampering. Whether you purchase the subscription for yourself or for a friend, we hope that you are just as excited about the OROGOLD Box as we are!