Has your skin been looking a little dull lately?

This is surprisingly common – there are so many different factors out there that can lead to skin taking on a tired and lackluster appearance.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be this way for long – here are eight things that you can do to rejuvenate dull skin so that you can get your glow back!

Drink Up

Woman at desk drinking glass of water

One of the most common causes of dull skin is dehydration. You may not be feeling dehydrated inside, but if you haven’t been drinking enough liquids, your skin will soon take on a pale and dull appearance.


Because dehydration decreases the amount of blood flow that your skin receives. Your blood is what feeds your skin cells with oxygen and nutrients – without enough of these, your skin will start to suffer. In addition to the dullness, you will also notice signs of aging appearing on your skin earlier than they should, with everything from premature fine lines and wrinkles to sagging.

However, staying hydrated from within isn’t just about grabbing an extra glass of water whenever you remember – you need to keep this regular and consistent. At least eight glasses of water every day is a must. This doesn’t need to be plain water – you can jazz things up a little by trying a few different herbal teas, or infusing your water with fruit for extra flavor.

Keep Your Skin Exfoliated

Every day, your skin sheds millions of skin cells. These are replaced by the younger and fresher skin cells beneath, which are then shed once they have run their lifecycle. This process is known as skin cell turnover.

While your skin is still young, cell turnover happens regularly, without much need for any extra help. However, as you age, cell turnover slows down, meaning that those older and duller skin cells stick around for longer, rather than being expelled from the skin.

As you can imagine, this can quickly lead to a rough and uneven complexion, which is where exfoliation comes in. In addition to sloughing away all of those older skin cells on the surface of your skin, regular exfoliation also speeds up natural cell turnover, encouraging your skin to better shed its dead skin cells on its own.

How Should You Exfoliate?

There are two main methods of exfoliation:

  • Physical Exfoliation: this makes use of an abrasive substance, such as a scrub, to physically dislodge old and dead skin cells
  • Chemical Exfoliation: this makes use of certain chemicals to dissolve away the glue-like substance that keeps dead skin cells attached to the skin, allowing them to fall away

Which one is better?

Physical exfoliation is actually much more taxing on your skin than chemical, especially when it comes to the more delicate skin on the face. This is because scrubs and the like tend to tug and pull at the skin. Some of the lower quality ones also contain particles that are just too sharp and harsh, leading to micro-tears.

While there are plenty of good face scrubs out there, chemical exfoliation tends to be better-suited to just about every skin type – so long as you choose the right chemicals for your skin. Some are much stronger than others, so if you aren’t sure, go for something gentle, such as mandelic acid.

Mandelic acid comes from apples – it’s gentle but effective, and regular use can quickly brighten up your skin. The OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling + Mandelic Acid is designed for weekly use. In addition to exfoliating, it contains several other brightening ingredients too, such as:

  • Vitamins A and C
  • Bamboo extract powder
  • Glycerin
  • Green tea leaf extract


Did you know that stress can seriously dull your skin?

It also leads to a number of other skin problems, such as:

  • Acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Rashes and hives
  • Premature skin aging

This is all down to a hormone called cortisol, which your body releases whenever it is feeling stressed. Cortisol has a number of effects, from increasing oil production to breaking down collagen and elastin fibers, all of which will exacerbate skin dullness.

It may be easier said than done, but learning how to de-stress can help to bring back your skin’s natural glow and exuberance.

The secret lies in discovering what works for you. Some find it beneficial to take a walk or do some other form of exercise, while others prefer to listen to music, or write in a journal. Even something as simple as learning some deep breathing techniques can help to keep your stress levels down when the unexpected happens.

Cleanse Daily

By the end of each day, your skin is overloaded with dirt, bacteria, oil, sweat, dead skin cells, and so much more. Failing to cleanse your skin means that all of these impurities stick around, with the next day’s batch adding to the build-up. Applying skin care products over the top of all of those impurities will exacerbate the problem even more.

It doesn’t take long for all of this to lead to extreme dullness, while also encouraging premature wrinkles, dark spots, acne, and so much more.

This is why it is so important to cleanse at the end of each day. This rids your skin of all of the impurities that have collected on its surface over the course of the day, while also enabling your night time skin care products to easily penetrate into your skin, without having to deal with so many blockages and obstacles.

For a satisfying, creamy lather, give the OROGOLD 24K Mousse Cleanser a try. It is designed to expertly cleanse, without stripping the skin of its vital protective oils, which is exactly what you need when trying to reignite that glow.

One thing to remember after cleansing…

Always apply the next step of your skin care routine while your skin is still damp post-cleanse.


Well, whether you use a toner, serum, or moisturizer after your cleanser, applying this onto damp skin will trap all of those extra water molecules into your skin, preventing them from evaporating. This will give your skin a beautifully plumped and radiant appearance, while also helping to keep it better hydrated.

Stop Smoking

You probably already know that smoking isn’t doing your skin any favors, and that dullness in your complexion could be a sign that your habit is finally manifesting in a visible way.

The effects of smoking on the skin aren’t instant – they build up over time. The dullness is usually down to the way in which cigarettes starve skin cells of oxygen, while also exposing them to thousands of different harmful chemicals.

You may also notice some of the other visible effects that smoking can have on the skin too, such as:

  • An uneven skin tone
  • Vertical wrinkles around the mouth
  • Premature fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging skin
  • Psoriasis

Yes, kicking the habit isn’t easy, especially if you’ve been a smoker for a number of years now. However, there is so much help out there, so make the most of this if you really want to transform your complexion.

Improve Your Diet

Woman eating blueberries

The saying “you are what you eat” is very true, especially when it comes to your skin. The food that you put into your body will have a direct impact on how your skin looks and feels, meaning that the reason for your skin’s dullness could be down to your diet.

So, let’s begin by talking about some of the foods you should be avoiding, most of which you likely already know. Sugar leads to a process called glycation in the skin, and, in addition to wrinkles and sagging skin, one of the other outcomes of glycation is dullness.

Salty and processed foods are no-go’s too – they cause the tissues in your skin to retain water and swell up. This inhibits the way in which your skin reflects light, leaving it looking dull.

Fortunately, there are plenty of foods out there that can help to rejuvenate your skin, while also bringing you so many other health benefits too. Try to eat more foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and healthy fats, such as:

  • Blueberries
  • Avocados
  • Citrus fruits
  • Walnuts

Don’t forget to consider the beverages you’re consuming too. While many know that sodas and processed fruit juices are packed with sugar, they tend to forget that alcohol also tends to have quite a high sugar content. This doesn’t mean that you need to give it up altogether – simply opt for your liquor on the rocks or neat, or go for a sulfite-free red wine. Remember to drink in moderation too – alcohol severely dehydrates the skin, which isn’t going to help when it comes to rejuvenation!

Use Light-Reflecting Skin Care and Makeup Products

While it is important to identify the exact cause of your skin’s dullness, you’re probably also looking for a quick fix to give your skin a rejuvenated glow while you work on improving it in the long term.

Well, light-reflecting skin care and makeup products are your answer. These contain specific minerals that catch and reflect any light that bounces on to the skin, giving the skin an illuminated glow.

Some skin care products will contain multiple light-reflecting ingredients, combining these with other brightening ingredients, meaning that they have both an immediate and long-term effect.

Take the 24K Cryogenic Pearl Revival Elixir, for example. Its light-reflecting ingredients include:

  • Pearl extract
  • Mica
  • Gold

It also contains peptides, humectants, and multiple fruit extracts, all of which will contribute to a brighter glow in the long run.

Sleep Better

Most people only really consider the amount of time they sleep for, and while there’s no denying that this is important, quality of sleep matters just as much. This is measured in three ways:

  • By how fast you are able to fall asleep at night
  • How long you are able to stay asleep for, ideally only waking up just once each night
  • How much time you spend sleeping versus awake in bed

How does sleep quality affect your skin?

While you are asleep, your body releases a hormone called the human growth hormone. In addition to performing several other important functions in the body, this hormone is also responsible for your skin’s natural glow.

So, how can you improve your quality of sleep?

There are a few different steps you can take, such as:

  • Reducing your exposure to blue light a few hours before bed time
  • Avoiding caffeine and alcohol late in the day
  • Skipping midday naps
  • Following a regular sleep/wake cycle, even on weekends
  • Taking a natural, sleep-inducing supplement, such as valerian, chamomile, or magnesium
  • Putting together a relaxing and soothing bedroom environment, which includes keeping your bedroom at a comfortable temperature
  • Avoiding late night meals
  • Taking some time to clear your mind before going to bed

As you can see, there’s plenty that you can do to encourage improved sleep quality. Even better is the fact that you will be able to see the benefits of this in your skin for yourself in a very short amount of time, especially if your quality of sleep wasn’t good to begin with.

Don’t forget, in addition to making sure that you are getting quality sleep, you should also be aiming to sleep for around seven to eight hours each night.

It usually doesn’t take much to rejuvenate dull skin – just a few adjustments to your regular daily routine is all you need. From incorporating healthier foods into your diet to ensuring that you are exfoliating regularly, putting the effort into nurturing your skin now will reward you with a gorgeous glow for years to come.