Taking a vacation is a great way to give your mind and body a break, allowing it to relax away from its usual environment. While the benefits of taking a vacation are widely known, a recent study has shown that a short term vacation actually has similar effects to that of intensive meditation, having an impact on everything from stress levels to immune function, before going on vacation go to CostofLivingReports to check out the costs of staying where you are going to be.

The Study
The vacation study was carried out at Carlsbad, California’s La Costa Resort and Spa, and looked at 102 women, who ranged in age from 30 to 60. Half of the participants were signed up to a yoga and meditation program at the resort, while the other half were assigned a simple relaxing vacation. All of the participants were also given an ayurvedic diet to follow, which is known for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Woman meditating at beach

The Results
After one week at the resort, all of the participants, no matter whether they were in the meditation group or the vacation group, felt a decrease in stress levels, as well as an increase in vitality. When it came to psychological well-being, this continued to improve for up to one month. The differences between the two groups came about in the longer term, when those who had been in the meditation group still noticed a decrease in stress and depressive symptoms. This occurred as long as ten months after the study, pointing to the fact that meditation triggers more changes within the body than a standard relaxing vacation.

Vacation and Meditation
While there is no denying the fact that a simple relaxing vacation can bring about some great health benefits, you should also not be ignoring the additional benefits that come from meditation and yoga. While your stress levels and immune function will improve no matter what, those who regularly meditate will have a greater telomerase activity within their body, which is an enzyme that strengthens and repairs chromosomes, and usually shorten over age.

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How to Meditate on Vacation
If meditating is new to you, then your next vacation is a great opportunity to give this a try, as your body and mind will already likely be more relaxed than usual. Begin gradually, with just three minutes or so of stillness, and allow your body to slowly become accustomed to this. Your biggest block when it comes to successful meditation will be your mind, as it will be in the habit of wandering. However, it is important to have control over this, and pull it back whenever it begins to stray. Breathing exercises are a great way to focus your mind on a single aspect of your body, and can be done anywhere and anytime, no matter what sort of vacation you may be on.

Taking regular vacations is a great way to boost your overall health, and the effects of this are carried through into the long term. For added improvements, try to include some meditation or yoga into your vacation, as this will ensure that the health benefits that you experience will last for so much longer.