Crystal City Shops in Washington DCSometimes you just need a little retail therapy, but just anywhere won’t do. You need a place that has decent selection and actually feels a little bit better than simply shoving your way through a store absolutely crowded with people. Those aren’t always easy to find, but you can find them. The main trick is finding a place with a high enough concentration of luxury stores that it draws the right crowd you’re looking for in your experience. OROGOLD has picked out a few of the locations along the East Coast where you can find just what you’re looking for without sacrificing variety for it. Some of these places you may already know, but the others you might not and you’ll know where to stop in the next time you’re in the area.

King of Prussia Mall
This Pennsylvania mall has the distinction of being both the largest on the East Coast and playing host to a broad variety of shops. What will most interest you is the large selection of luxury stores and specialty boutiques that make their home within the sprawling premises of the mall. You can find everything here. Famous names like Lord & Taylor and Neiman Marcus exist alongside smaller stores and there are even a selection of broadly oriented stores to allow you to shop for a diverse group of friends. When you need to take a break to eat, you’re perfectly capable of finding a good bit of dining in the mall without resorting to trying to walk through a food court. Between the stores and the meal options, you should feel right at home as you look for just the right gifts for your friends or a treat for yourself.

Crystal City Shops
Washington, D.C. constantly moves as the ebb and flow of people helps direct the course of the nation. There are plenty of interesting locations to shop within the capital proper, but one of the better kept secrets is just outside of it. The Crystal City Shops is an underground shopping area just outside of the southern downtown area of D.C.. It focuses more on boutique and luxury shops than the broad scale of King of Prussia mall. This doesn’t mean the smaller scale makes the location any less inviting. Plenty of specialty shops ensure you can probably find what you’re looking for here. OROGOLD would also like to highlight that, like the aforementioned mall, there are plenty of good places to eat as well that can act as a nice break inbetween shopping sessions. You can also always venture back out into the heart of D.C. itself to find your choice of dining establishment thanks to the proximity to the capital.

Sawgrass Mills
Located in Sunrise, Florida, this shopping mall isn’t quite at the scale of the King of Prussia, but still holds its own when it comes to a lovely shopping experience. The scope of the stores is slightly broader, but the arrangement of the mall falls along “avenues” and many of the luxury stores remain in proper proximity to one another. Sawgrass Mills’ fashion avenue does its best to maintain a good selection of recognized names in the fashion world, but also includes its share of boutique shops to ensure extra selection and to satisfy those looking for more eclectic things. One particularly enjoyable part about the mall is that it includes both indoor and outdoor sections for patrons to enjoy. You can easily take a snack break outside and enjoy the warm air for a while before ducking back inside to continue your shopping.

Finding the right place to shop shouldn’t be a matter of hearsay and speculation. Try visiting these places suggested by OROGOLD before you take a wild tip from an acquaintance. You’re more likely to find the sort of things you’re looking for at these locations and not come away frazzled and wondering if you ever found the right location. Happy shopping!