While using deodorant is a must, the stains and streaks that this can sometimes leave on your clothing is always frustrating. If you tend to experience this slightly too often, here are a few tips to help you to prevent your deodorant from marking up your style.

Hold it at a Distance
If you use a spray-on deodorant, one of the best ways to prevent it from staining your clothing is by holding the nozzle further away from your skin before spraying. A distance of around 15 centimetres is ideal, and make sure that you are not spraying on more than what you actually need, as the over-application of deodorant is also a common problem.

Let it Dry
When getting ready in a hurry, many people tend to apply their deodorant and then quickly pull on their clothing, but this is a sure-fire way to end up with marks. While giving your deodorant time to dry may seem basic, this is one of the most effective ways to prevent it from staining. Try applying your deodorant first thing in the morning, and make getting dressed the last thing that you do, as this will leave plenty of time for your deodorant to dry.

A Wipe-On, Night Deodorant
Of course, the best way to stop your deodorant from staining your clothing is by not wearing any during the day. There are now wipe-on deodorants available that are applied at night, and these dry overnight, and are also not washed away the next day, meaning that there is absolutely no residue that would come into contact with your clothing.

Baby Wipes or Nylon Tights
While there are many steps that you can take to prevent any staining or streaking from occurring, these are no use if you are currently in need of a quick fix. Baby wipes are always useful, but be sure to just dab and pat at the stain, as rubbing it can make it worse. Alternatively, if you have a pair of tights, use these to rub any marks away, as the nylon fibers in your tights will help to diffuse the stain.

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Read the Reviews
While the labels of some deodorants may claim that the formula is a clear one, this does not actually mean that it will be. However, there will be some formulas, whether this be in the form of a spray or a gel, that are much less likely to streak than others. Rather than being tempted by a label or marketing ploy, have a look at online reviews for the products that you are interested in, so that you can learn about the experience that others have had with it.

The majority of deodorants out there contain aluminium chlorohydrate, as this organic chemical is effective at closing up the pores and minimizing sweat, but this is also the main ingredient to cause stains. As frustrating as they can be, the steps mentioned above will help you to prevent them from occurring, keeping your clothes completely streak-free.