Clean eating seems to be the foodie buzzword for 2016, and has spawned a number of different related trends. From power bowls to “hyper-local” produce, these are some of the best of the clean eating trends out there.

Power Bowls
Power bowls have been around for a while, but are now becoming much more mainstream, meaning that they are available at many grocery stores and supermarkets. While the fact that they are pre-packaged may slightly counter the clean eating element, they are still filled with plenty of goodness, from ancient grains to organic vegetables to nuts and sprouts.

Healthy Convenience Foods
Pre-packaged power bowls are a great example of healthy convenience foods, but there are many other varieties hitting the shelves, making it much easier for those with a busy lifestyle to eat cleanly. From pre-cut vegetables to bagged organic salads, these help people to cook a quick but healthy meal.


Bitter Foods
Bitter flavors are usually ones that many, other than the truly serious foodies, tend to stay away from, but they actually bring a whole host of benefits to the body. Bitter foods help to cleanse the liver, and are necessary for the production of bile, while also balancing out the body’s hormone and cholesterol levels. Bitter foods are now being increasingly featured on menus all over the world, and are also fantastic ingredients to cook with at home. From arugula to raw cacao powder to sautéed bitter greens, bitter foods are packed with nutrition and can really give a great boost to your overall well-being.

Plant-Based Proteins
Last year, “Meat-Free Mondays” exploded in popularity, and this seems to be continuing on, with many more people starting to recognize the benefits of a plant-based, low-meat diet. While it may be easy keeping your side dishes vegetable-based, it can often be more difficult for meat lovers to find alternative plant-based proteins. Fortunately, this trend will ensure that many more options are available, encouraging people to skip the meat in order to boost their health.

The “free-from” label is now purchased by a wider range of consumers, whether it may be gluten-free, dairy-free, additive-free or GMO-free. While this trend is a beneficial one, you do need to be careful when it comes to the “free-from” processed foods, as these can sometimes be just as unhealthy as the regular versions. Instead, try to cook your own meals that are free of dairy, gluten, additives or GMO’s, as this will bring your body some amazing benefits, and is the essence of clean eating. The GMO debate in itself has helped to initiate the growth of clean eating trends, as more and more people want to know the source of their food.

Those who have already followed some of the above clean eating trends will have quickly noticed the health benefits that they bring, which is why these trends only seem to be growing and growing. While these trends may be able to better your diet, it is also important to remember to keep a balanced diet rather than focussing on a few ingredients or a single type of food.