Aging is an inevitable part of life that many men dread, but there are actually several different ways in which you can delay this process from occurring, holding on to your youthful appearance for many years to come. From taking care of your skin to making a few healthy lifestyle adjustments, these anti-aging tips will keep you at your prime.

Daily Skin Care Routine
Everybody should have a daily skin care routine, and this does not need to be complicated in order to be effective. To begin with, you should be cleansing your skin daily, as this will clear away all of the dirt and bacteria that builds up on the surface of the skin. Next, an anti-aging cream would be a wise choice, as these contain ingredients that will go a long way in staving off wrinkles and fine lines. From green tea to hyaluronic acid to DMAE, it is easy to find a lightweight anti-aging cream that contains all of these ingredients if you do not enjoy the feel of a heavier product on your skin. These two steps are absolutely essential everyday, but if there are specific skin care issues that you want to target, such as redness or age spots, it would be worth investing in specialized products.

Don’t Forget the Aftershave
Whether you shave your face daily or weekly, shaving plays a huge role when it comes to inflammation, irritation and redness, all of which speed up the aging process. An aftershave is a great way to soothe your skin after shaving, so be sure not to skip out on this. If you can find one that contains aloe vera, then that would be even more effective, as this potent, but natural, ingredient is able to drastically reduce inflammation while preventing infection.

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A Healthy Lifestyle
Paying attention to maintaining your overall health is really the best anti-aging tip out there. From ensuring that you are getting a sufficient amount of sleep each night to keeping your diet well-balanced. Studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet is the best when it comes to anti-aging, so try to incorporate some Mediterranean influences into the food that you eat. It goes without saying that smoking and excessive drinking will quickly add years to your age, so cut back on these immediately. Daily physical activity is also vital, but if you are not the type of person that enjoys working out at the gym, look for an activity that is more enjoyable to you instead, be it learning a new sport or doing some gardening every morning. Stress is something else that can hugely speed up the aging process, so try to keep your stress levels at a minimum as much as you can.

By following each of these tips, you will be able to keep your body looking and feeling healthy and youthful for much longer than you would have expected. While it may not be easy to overhaul certain parts of your life, you will definitely be thanking yourself for doing so in a decade or two.