Coming up with a few relationship goals is a great way to set you and your partner up for success. Not only will this help you to be more productive within your relationship, but it will also prevent you and your partner from becoming complacent, and will enable you both to tackle any problems head-on.

Try Something New Once a Month
Relationships can easily fall into a rut, but setting yourselves a goal to try something new once a month is a great way to ensure that you are frequently shaking things up a bit. Trying new things together is a great way to create shared experiences, which then leads to closeness, bonding and stimulation, all of which will really help to keep that spark alive. Whether this may be a new restaurant, visiting a new city or simply trying something new in the bedroom, this is a goal that is easily achievable.

Happy couple enjoying date night

Regular Date Nights
It is easy to begin to drift apart when you are in a long term relationship, spending your time together on the mundane rather than the exciting. While sorting through bills and doing the grocery shopping may be a necessity, you should still be striving to keep the romance alive. Scheduling in regular date nights is a great way to do this, as it will ensure that you and your partner are still spending quality time together.

Discuss the Future
When in a relationship, it is important that you are both on the same page when it comes to your future dreams and desires. While it may be easy to come up with ideas about where you both want to be in five years time, you also need to think about the short term too, as these are the goals that will be much more easily attainable. Try to contemplate where you want your lives to be in six months time, and then a year, and then five years, but be sure to keep all of your ideas positive, and do not shun any of your partner’s ideas until you have thoroughly discussed them, no matter how odd they may seem to you.

Happy couple talking in bed

Do Not Forget About Individual Goals
As important as it may be to come up with shared goals for your relationship, you also need to be progressing through life as an individual, making individual goals just as necessary. While these goals may be something that you attain separately, you should still spend time together coming up with them, so that you can really support and encourage each other when it comes to achieving them.

Once you have come up with a list of relationship goals, both you and your partner need to hold each other accountable to them. You should also try to think of a few rewards that you can both enjoy when you meet one of your goals, while working out ways in which you can improve for the goals that you do not end up meeting. However, do try to set yourselves up for success, so that you do not end up falling short of the goals that you have set.