When it comes to exercising and toning the body, there are certain areas that people usually tend to place more focus on, such as the legs or the stomach. However, back fat is an issue that many have to deal with, and these are some of the top exercises to help you to beat it.

The classic pull up is one of the best exercises out there for strengthening the many different muscles in the back, as it uses just about all of them. However, because many find them challenging, they are often an exercise that people completely avoid, rather than seeking out modified versions of the pull-up that they would find easier. A negative pull-up makes use of a block that you can stand on, to pull yourself up into the correct position against the bar. Once there, use a steady and controlled movement to lower your body back down. If you regularly visit the gym, you will likely have noticed an assisted pull-up machine, and while this may seem complicated at first, there are plenty of video tutorials online that will teach you how to use it.

Whether on a machine at the gym or a boat at your local lake, rowing is an exercise that has become increasingly popular recently, as people have begun to realize that it really gives the back a fantastic workout. The basic movements that are required for rowing target the exact back muscles that need to be moving in order to burn that back fat, but also provides the rest of the body with a great workout, without putting too much pressure on the joints. To top it all off, rowing techniques are easy to learn for those who have never rowed before, but, if you need some extra motivation, you are likely to be able to find a wide range of rowing classes at a gym near you.

woman doing a plank exercise
Planks are a great way to sculpt the back, and there are many different plank varieties that you can try to keep your workout routine interesting. The rocking plank begins at the standard plank push-up position, and then requires you to rise onto your toes before rocking back to your starting position, as it is this rocking motion that helps to tone the back. Side forearm planks are also beneficial to the back, as are hip twister planks, which require you to twist at your waist while in the plank position, before dropping your right hip to the ground. Then, twist your body again to bring it back up, before repeating this with your left hip.

Strong back muscles are not just important for aesthetic reasons. In addition to giving your body more of a defined look, they are also your very best defense against injury, back pain and poor posture, which is why it is important to beat that back fat and start working on sculpting those muscles. The beauty of these exercises is that they are so diverse, and can be carried out both at home as well as at the gym.