Exercise is widely viewed as a great way to stay in shape and stay healthy as you age. However, we don’t often talk about how exercise can actually have aging effects if not done properly. A balanced exercise regime is one of the best ways to look and feel younger. OROGOLD reviews a few exercise mistakes that can actually age you rather than the opposite.

Woman doing yoga in a class.

Skipping Yoga
Cardio may be a good way to lose weight, but it is important keep with the yoga, too. Yoga lengthens the muscles and oxygenates the body. It can also improve circulation. Furthermore, the relaxing aspects of yoga are great for distressing. Stress and tension are one of the biggest factors in aging. These can also lead to a spike in hormones which can cause breakouts. Clear skin is a great way to look younger, too!

Woman lifting weights in a gym.

Never Lifting
Many people as they get older stop putting importance on weight lifting. Instead, it should be the opposite. Strength training creates stronger, leaner muscles that help firm sagging skin. Muscles fill in any excess space or skin for a fuller, toned appearance. More sagging always equals more aging.

Woman wearing white clothes sleeping in her bed.

No Break Time
With exercise, more is not always better. Rest periods are very important for the recovery and rejuvenation of the body. If you are exercising constantly, not getting enough sleep, and exhibiting dark circles or bags under the eyes, you may be suffering from over-exhaustion. The balance between exercise and rest allows inflamed muscles to repair. If your muscles are sore, it is important to wait before exercising more; soreness can turn into an overuse injury. Being healthy is imperative to looking younger.

Woman stressed at work.

Stress Workouts
To go along with skipping yoga, excess cardio workouts when you’re stressed can cause you to age faster. Instead of creating a relaxing environment, cardio can create a high tension environment that does not do much to relieve stress. Though cardio can be healthy, an even balance of exercise that includes yoga and weight training is imperative to looking as young as possible.