Her flawless complexion and incredible looks have made her a household name and her glowing complexion made her the perfect choice for OROGOLD brand ambassador. In an intimate interview with OROGOLD, Eve discusses what attracted her to working with OROGOLD and why she thinks OROGOLD products can have a transformative effect on skin.

OROGOLD: What projects are you currently working on?
Alice Eve: I am working on a movie about autism and what it means to a family who experience it, it’s named Please Stand By. I also have two movies coming out in the next few months, Misconduct and Criminal.

OG: Why did you choose OROGOLD Cosmetics?
A.E.: OROGOLD caters to all cultures and skin types; the understanding of different needs for different women and really providing for – that appealed to me.

OG: What was your favourite part about shooting your OROGOLD campaign?
A.E.: We had a beautiful view at our location, and it was lovely to land in LA and see that for three days straight.

OG: What is your favorite OROGOLD product?
A.E.: I like the little caviar capsules (24K Caviar Elastin Restoration) that are so portable for travel and for short trips away, it’s a very practical product.

OG: What stands out to you most about OROGOLD products?
A.E.: It is remarkable that they use real gold in their products.

OG: How does OROGOLD make your skin feel?
A.E.: The cryogenic line (CroyogeniC Collection) has a transformative effect, also the wrinkle filler (24K DMAE Deep Wrinkle Tightening Solution) is instant, which is always gratifying.

OG: What was your first impression of the OROGOLD stores?
A.E.: There is a store on the high street where I grew up in London, The Kings Road. I always noticed it when I would return to London for visits, and so was happy with the coincidence when OROGOLD reached out.

OG: What are your top skincare tips?
A.E.: It is no mystery that sleep and lots of water are good for skin and all round health, I also like to steam and believe moisturizing your skin is very important.

OG: What do you do for your skin on a daily basis?
A.E.: I cleanse, tone and moisturize, I also spray it with a hydrating mist when I remember.

OG: Why is good skincare important to you?
A.E.: Self care is important for everyone and skincare is part of that.

OG: What has been your favorite movie role so far?
A.E.: My favourite thing is always the thing I am doing at the time, otherwise life becomes lonely.

OG: What’s your favorite part of being on set?
A.E.: The best thing about being on set is that you are on set, and there is nowhere else to be.

OG: What fashion or beauty trends are you loving right now?
A.E.: I like that the colour palette for lipsticks has expanded in the last few years, although a classic red lip is so beautiful.