Whether you are travelling for business or for leisure, knowing what to pack in a one day travel bag can be tricky. While you will want to pack as light as possible, you also need to ensure that you do not leave any essentials behind, so here are some tips to keep in mind.

Spare Clothing
Since you are only travelling for a day, you are unlikely to need too much extra clothing, as what you are already wearing should suffice. However, it is always a good idea to ensure that you have a spare change of clothes with you, to account for any unexpected travel mishaps. Whether you end up snagging your tights or spilling your coffee, you will definitely be grateful for any spare clothing in your bag. This will also keep you covered in case you end up stranded somewhere for the night, so be sure to also pack a spare set of underwear and socks.

Phone and suitcase

Electronic Devices and a Portable Charging Station
Electronic devices always come in handy when travelling, but bringing along individual chargers for your phone, laptop, tablet, camera or anything else you may be packing can be extremely cumbersome. However, there are many portable charging stations available that are able to charge multiple devices at one time, not only saving you space, but also so much time. Depending on where you are travelling to, you may also want to pack a mobile WiFi hotspot. Although your smartphone can often double as this if needed, those who are heavy internet users may require more on-the-go connectivity.

Water and Healthy Snacks
Staying hydrated is extremely important, especially while travelling, and carrying a bottle of water in your travel bag will mean that you never have to worry about finding a shop to purchase water from. Healthy snacks are also a great idea, as this will save you from giving in to temptation when it comes to all of the junk food that you are likely to see on your travels. Pack snacks that travel well, such as a home made trail mix or granola bars.

Sleeping Aids
If you are hoping to catch up on some sleep while you are travelling, then it would be a good idea to bring along a few sleeping aids, especially if this sleep is essential to you performing your best upon arrival. An eye mask will help to shut out any light, while some soft, gentle music is ideal for lulling you to sleep, and a few chamomile tea bags will give you the extra nudge that you need. You should also bring along some refreshing facial wipes, so that you can easily freshen up when you wake.

Woman lying on suitcase

When packing your one day travel bag, keep in mind that the type of bag that you choose can also have quite the impact. While a roller bag may seem more convenient, you may be better off opting for a backpack, especially if your load is quite light, as this will give you so much more flexibility and ease of movement.