There is no denying the many different health benefits that yoga brings, and, whether you are a yoga aficionado or are just starting out, there are always going to be different poses to learn and new techniques to master. For those who have been looking to add a new dynamic to their yoga routine, partner yoga is a great way to expand your yoga practice, and will not only give you the opportunity to try out new positions, but will also deepen and strengthen the bond that you have with your mate.

Relationship Quality and Romantic Attraction
If couples yoga is a new activity for the both of you, this can really have a positive impact on the quality of your relationship, as studies have shown that this is definitely the case for couples who engage in new activities together. To top it off, yoga in particular promotes mindfulness, which has been scientifically linked to a healthier relationship and increased romantic attraction.

Increased Communication and Trust
Whether you are doing couples yoga with your partner or with a friend, each session will have an impact on the communication and trust between the both of you, as you will be constantly communicating, both verbally and physically, while carrying out your yoga poses. In addition to this, partner yoga involves plenty of coordinated non-verbal movements, such as rhythmic breathing, as this can really help the two of you to become more in tune with each other, try getting matching yoga mats so you can both have the same base to work from.

Push Your Limits
While there are just 84 basic yoga poses, there are thousands of others that are also worth trying, and, when you add a partner in to the mix, this number increases substantially. Since you and your partner will be helping each other out, you will be able to try several new and unusual poses, pushing your body to new limits.

Explore the benefits of couples' yoga

Reduced Stress and Anxiety
Yoga has the amazing ability to reduce stress and anxiety levels within an individual, and, when it comes to partner yoga, this is done to an even greater extent. Studies have shown that simply touching your partner, such as holding hands, can provide immediate relief from stress, so doing this for a prolonged period of time, which is what couples yoga would require, would bring about even greater benefits. There are even certain poses that couples can do that are designed to release tension and pain, while strengthening your bond at the same time.

Poses to Try
If you would like to try partner yoga from the comfort of your own home, there are several simple poses that you can do, all of which will have step-by-step tutorials easily available online. From Partner Breathing to the Double Downward Dog to the Buddy Boat Pose, there are many partner yoga poses that are easy to do, even for beginners.

There are now over 36 million Americans that practice yoga on a regular basis, each of whom will be experiencing the many different health benefits that yoga brings. If you would like to enjoy all of these benefits while boosting your relationship at the same time, then couples yoga is definitely an activity that you should try.