While there may be many supplements and skin care products out there that are designed to slow down the aging process, there is actually a much easier way to delay aging, while boosting your resistance to diseases at the same time. Recent research has shown that simply having a positive attitude to life can make a huge difference when it comes to the way in which, as well as the rate at which, a person ages.

The Proof
Recent studies carried out by San Francisco’s University of California discovered that people who were taught positive thinking skills enjoyed a whole host of health benefits compared to those who had not been taught these skills. When studying people aged 50 or over, researchers discovered that those who had a positive view of aging had much lower levels of stress-related inflammation, which tends to be associated with heart disease and other forms of illnesses, and they also lived longer lives. In addition to this, a positive attitude was linked to controlled blood sugar levels, an increase in healthy eating, as well as a reduction of the impact of HIV. Positive thinking HIV patients not only carried a much lower load of the virus, but they were also far less likely to need antidepressants to help them to deal with their illness.

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A Mental Library of Positive Thoughts
When life does not go to plan, it is easy to feel down in the dumps, which is why having a mental library packed with positive thoughts is a great way to lift yourself back up during these times. To do this, spend at least 15 minutes a day either reading, viewing or listening to something that you find inspirational, turning back to these thoughts each time you need a pick-me-up.

Stay Away from Hate and Negativity
The world is full of hate, anger and negativity, and allowing this to infiltrate into your mind will make it so much harder for you to stay positive. Whether this may be negativity in the media, relationships with angry people, or colleagues that are always complaining, try to cut all of this out of your life so that you can maintain a positive attitude.

A Positive Vocabulary
The words that you say are not only a reflection of what your brain is thinking, but they also help in programming your brain in how to think. Try to increase your vocabulary of positive words, as this will expand your brain’s capacity to think in this way. For example, rather than describing an experience as simply being “good”, start using words such as “fantastic” or “invigorating” instead.

While some people may have a naturally positive outlook on life, this is not the case for everybody, which is why some may have to work much harder than others to maintain a positive attitude. However, once you train your brain to begin thinking in this way, positive thinking will soon come much more naturally to you, along with all of the health benefits that this brings.