When you are planning to have a tattoo applied to an area of skin that is regularly shaved, there are a few factors to take into consideration. From identifying when it is safe to begin shaving that area again to ensuring that you only use shaving products that do not irritate or infect the tattoo, these are some of the ways in which a tattoo could affect your shave.

Resisting the Urge to Shave
Before getting a tattoo, you will need to shave the area completely, so that the tattoo artist has a smooth canvas on which to work. After a couple of days, this area will start to become quite stubbly, and perhaps even itchy, which is when the temptation to shave again will start to arise. However, since the wound will still be incredibly fresh and raw, especially if there are any scabs or raised areas, shaving at this time is definitely not recommended. Shaving around the tattoo at this time is feasible, but you must ensure that any creams or gels that you use do not come into contact with your tattoo.

When is it Safe to Shave?
The healing process for your tattoo will consist of several different stages, with the last one resulting in peeling skin. While this skin is peeling away, skin cell regeneration will be occurring, and this will soon cause a fresh protective layer of skin to form over the tattoo. Once this happens, it will likely be safe to soon start shaving again, although the time that this process takes can vary significantly between individuals. This is usually takes anywhere from between one to two weeks, although it can be longer in some cases. To ensure that your skin will be able to handle the razor, run your fingers over your tattoo and check for any bumps, scabs or raised areas. If you notice any irregularities, then you need to wait before shaving, but, if the skin over your tattoo feels the same as the skin around it, then this means that you are able to start shaving the area again.

Unscented Shaving Products
If your favorite shaving products contain a fragrance, which can be determined by reading the ingredients list, then this is unsuitable to be used around your tattoo, especially before that area of skin has fully healed. Products that are unscented, as well as free of any parabens, will be much gentler on this delicate skin, as these chemicals can often interfere with the way in which skin heals. If you decide to shave around the tattoo before it has healed, ensure that you do not apply too much moisturizer afterwards to your tattoo. While it does need a certain level of hydration in order to thoroughly heal, a thick layer of moisturizer will only prevent your skin from being able to breathe, which will prolong your healing time.

Tattoos are easily infected, making it important to follow the necessary after-care protocol. This may mean that your shaving routine is interrupted for a few weeks, but, once your tattoo has healed, you will be able to continue shaving the area regularly without causing any damage to your new piece of body art.