The transportation sector has witnessed a large amount of innovation in recent years, bringing about new concepts and business models that seem set to revolutionize the industry. From autonomous cars to connected vehicles, these are some of the trends that are likely to impact driving services all over the world.

Connected Vehicles
Car data subscriptions are rapidly on the rise, overtaking phone and tablet subscribers in many parts of the world, and are giving cars updated information on all sorts of aspects related to driving. While traffic updates, advanced navigation systems and internet connectivity may be the norm now, the software also connects cars with each other, which can have a significant impact on the various driving services out there.

Additional Services
Currently, most driving services work by taking a passenger from point A to point B, with maybe a couple of stops in between. However, a few companies have been experimenting with widening the range of driving services that they offer, and this is a trend that is set to pick up in momentum. From transporting sick animals to the vet to taking children to school to transporting the elderly to hospitals, these are the services that many are now going to be expecting from the different companies out there.

Autonomous Cars
Autonomous vehicles have been in development for a while, but the price of one now is a fraction of what it was just a few years ago. Driving services that make use of autonomous vehicles will be seen as having an edge on the market, as they will be able to provide even more of an on-demand service, while playing a part in reducing congestion and increasing safety. They will also help to reduce the costs of running the vehicle for the driver, thereby increasing his profit margin.

The Millennials
It will not be long before the Millennial generation makes up around 50% of the workforce in the average city, and studies have shown that this generation places a huge importance on being able to make transportation decisions via their mobile devices. This is fantastic for the newer driving services, as this is how the majority of them take bookings, but it also means that the existing taxi and public transportation networks will also be trying to adopt technology that enables customers to book their service from their phones. This will soon result in greater competition for the newer driving services, as there will be a large variety of transportation options available at the fingertips of the Millennials.

Growing Markets
There is no denying the success that companies such as Uber have experienced, and experts predict that this will only continue increasing. The majority of driving services are centered around bigger cities, meaning that there is a huge untapped market in suburban areas.

Transportation trends are always fascinating to study, and can be influenced by so many different factors. From exciting new vehicles decked out with the latest technology to companies trying to cater to the needs of the next generation, these are the trends that are most likely to be affecting driving services in the near future.