OROGOLD Cosmetics was delighted to learn that a renowned watchmaker has recently launched a watch that has been made from solid gold. Gold has certainly been one of the most defining and most important discoveries made by man. It has helped us to understand the true meaning of luxury and has managed to bring a smile on countless faces throughout time.

Many a wars have been waged in the name of gold, but gold has always and will always be famous for its breathtaking luster and amazing properties that make it so unique and precious. There are every few things that you wouldn’t want to be made from gold. In fact, we can’t think of any at the moment. Over the years, gold has been introduced in all sorts of consumer products like mobile phones, skin care products, jewelry, cosmetics and accessories. Basically anything that tries to recreate that luxurious feel of having gold around you.

Bulova is one brand that OROGOLD Cosmetics can certainly relate to. They believe in offering their customers with the very best and finest luxuries that money can buy. This iconic Swiss watchmaker has recently unveiled a watch that has been made from pure 24K gold. The watch was launched as a part of the Joseph Bulova Collection and it was conceptualized by none other than Gregory Thumm, the president of the Bulova Corporation. The watch has redefined the way one looks at luxury by offering the world with the first watch that has been made from pure 999.9 gold. This piece was intended to not only be breathtaking in terms of its beauty and craftsmanship, but also to be amazing in terms of the luxurious feel and functionality that it offers.

Bulova has used a specialized method of manufacturing to create this watch so as to retain and maintain the quality of gold and also to ensure that it matches Swiss watchmaking standards and offers excellent functionality. The strap used in this watch contains alligator leather and stainless steel so as to offer the maximum possible security and strength. This watch has further been designed in a capsule form wherein the casing features Grade 5 titanium in order to offer a watertight enclosure that is water resistant up to 30 meters. The sub-bezel placed on top of the watch helps to keep the gold safe and prevent it from getting damaged due to shock. This casing also holds the sapphire crystal in place.

The watch has been priced at a whopping $42,000 and it is the most expensive watch to have been designed by Bulova. However, it is certainly the finest watch that has been designed by Bulova as well. The brand has produced only 32 pieces of these timeless watches, thereby offering customers with the exclusivity and quality that such limited-edition watches demand.

This Bulova masterpiece has also been recognized by WatchPro, one of the foremost and most trusted watch publications in the UK, as the most “Innovative Watch of the Year” for the year 2014.