Sensitive skin requires a different level of care and protection, which is why we are extremely excited to introduce our brand new luxury skin care collection that has been designed specifically for those with sensitive skin. The OROGOLD Lielle 24K Sensitive Skin Collection consists of 5 innovative products; the 24K Sensitive Skin Cleanser, the 24K Sensitive Skin Encapsulated Serum, the 24K Sensitive Skin Eye Serum, the 24K Sensitive Skin Eye Cream and the 24K Sensitive Skin Hydrating Moisturizer. We have used only the finest ingredients for the collection, such as cucumber extract and sage leaf oil due to their proven antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and each and every ingredient has undergone thorough testing, both dermatological and hypoallergenic. OROGOLD always advises those with sensitive skin to avoid any products that contain a fragrance, which is why the 24K Sensitive Skin Collection is fragrance-free, and will soothe and protect, rather than irritate, your skin. The 5 products in the 24K Sensitive Skin Collection have been put together to be all you need for a successful anti-aging skin care routine; one that will protect your sensitive skin while providing it with all of the nourishment and hydration needed to give your complexion a gorgeous golden glow.